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Ashley M. Eyre, M.A.

Transpersonal Art Therapy

Mara Holloway, MA, LPCc

Master of Arts, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy from Naropa University

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

(LPCC. 0014931) in the state of Colorado

Registered Pscyhotherapist (NLC. 0106454) in the state of Colorado.

Ashley Eyre is a Transpersonal Art Therapist. She graduated from Naropa University in May of 2016 and has been working with teenagers, children and families, frequently using art to help illustrate what is needing attention and attunement within the system or the individual.  


Ashley aims to create a space for children, adolescents, and families to use art and therapy as a path towards transformation and healing.  She believes art is a vehicle that invites creative expression which can free up trapped energy and allow for movement and clarity.  While implementing a variety of adaptable art interventions, she invites her clients to lead the session and will guide when needed.  Sometimes art is a starting point and talk therapy follows or vice versa.  

“By descending down into the depths of the soul, and not primarily by a painful acquisition of many manual skills, the artist attains the power of awakening other souls."

Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Mara is a transpersonal art therapist and artist.  Her experience ranges from working with women escaping sex trafficking and severe trauma histories to children facing mental and physical disabilities, abuse and poverty, as well as the general population. As an art therapist, Mara fully believes in the healing potentials of art and is committed to  supporting clients on their journey toward health and wholeness.


Why Art Therapy?

Art has the ability to bypass usual defenses that can hinder psychotherapeutic engagement.  Creative expression by it’s very nature often allows us to stumble into or down into or up into what is true with little struggle or effort.  Art becomes a guide towards wholeness and non-duality, and can calm the nervous system and bring about insight.  

Transpersonal Psychology

As transpersonal psychologists our role is not to “fix” anyone but to assist in uncovering and removing what might be an obstacle in experiencing intrinsic health.  As such, the process is organic and spontaneous. Whatever the client brings into the session that is not too strongly identified to the ego or personality is recognized as transpersonal content and is worked with and examined to assist the client in uncovering their true self. Inherent in a transpersonal approach is the notion that every client has this potential.

Children's Art Therapy Groups

 We host a variety of Children's Art Groups.  They are mostly centered around building connection and awareness and using art as the vehicle.  By inviting a group of kids to work together on projects themes will present themselves that can be worked with in the art process.

Adolescent's Art Therapy Groups

Adolescents are forming their identities and beginning to individuate from their parents.  Their brains are quite literally "pruning," or deciding which neuropathways to keep and which to let go of.  This makes it an especially important time to support them and offer sustained attention to their ever-changing internal world. 


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