Personal Process

Art is a personal investigation and a way to create images for our inner experiences that can often be ineffable.  In my experience, there are many times an image can capture a struggle or a reality more accurately and vividly than words.  Images arise in my creative space and I begin the process of investigating what wants to be expressed.  At times, I understand cognitively what they are about.  Other times, I need to tease the meaning out through the art process as I dialogue with the images.  It is a kind of play, a dance or a movement that the creative process enables.  

The image on the right is a project that was both an example of symbol amplification and artistic inquiry.  Symbol amplification involves tuning into those themes or symbols that continue to rise in our awareness and give them shape, form and attention.  In addition, tuning into what the process reveals to you.


This particular project represented allowing emotions to flow.  The sculpture is a crying fountain.  In the figures right hand is a dandelion representing letting go and in the left hand are mandala beads representing staying present.  When turned on the fountain cries from both eyes and the third eye, essentially in a constant state of cleansing.  This art form showed me what I needed: A balanced approach to working with my emotions.  Watching the fountain cry brings me a sense of peace.

Combining Art with Transpersonal Psychology offers a unique path towards self-expression that can take one beyond their personal story lines and old patterns to bring about a new and fresh perspective.  The space that the art process creates is transferrable to day to day lived experience.  

© 2016 Ashley Eyre L.L.C.

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